Rural University Education Pattern

The Rural University is a rebellion against the traditional elitist top down pattern of education and indeed represents the movement for “Peoples Education” Added with the responsibility of rural transformation the educational component has following 3 components:-

  • Creation of new courses to fill the cadres related to rural management function
  • Upgradation of Knowledge and skills among the various cadres of rural development functionaries.
  • Creation of awareness and skill among people in the domains of self-governance, economic self-reliance, and social education.

New approach to life-based education

Camp + Campus Approach

The subjects are divided into:-

  • A Those that are best taught in the campus
  • Those that are best taught in field environment

Kshetra was   Students & Staff settling on a project site.Making the Student work in a venture context to get a feel For real life challenges.
Entrepreneurial Approach  Making the Student work in a venture context to get a feel For real life challenges.

Innovations for
achieving quality

  • Modern Teaching Aids
  • Modern Library with Incumbent
  • Video Library
  • IT intervention with 125 computers
  • VSAT based cyber link

Facilitating Structure

  • Counselling System
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Remedial Courses
  • Objective Methods of evaluation teachers by students
  • Dual language approach

Exam reforms

  • Question bank system
  • Transparent Evaluation & Reevaluation

Students Participation

  • Chhatra Panchayat with 2 representatives of each class-An Unique system

Utmost importance is given to d the development of human values and social responsibilities in students who join MGCGV. About 25 % of the courses under any programme are dedicated for this purpose.

Specific Objectives
With a view to realizing the dreams of Grundtvig (Education for life as opposed to education for death), Gandhiji (Education for head, hand & heart), Tagore (Wholesome liberated individuals) – VSR provides those missing linkage to create a graduated with wholesome personality. To consciously enable the students towards self-actualization approach.
The inclusion of activity schedules in the curriculum, vocational, cultural, ethical & environmental.

Creating Live context of village contact-NSS, Shanti Sena etc.

To make a citizen compatible with emerging globalization trends – Global economy, environmental ethics.

Students enterprise on the campus to realize the objective of making the students of rural university employment makers (Instead of employment seekers) the University has facilitated students groups to run enterprises on the campus some of the successful enterprises are:-
Seeds store and general provision store.

ITSEC (IT Training and Students Entrepreneurship Center ).

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